These pages provide information about the human rights situation of Roma in Kosovo. In addition to current news can be found here background information on expulsions of Kosovo Roma from the countries of the European Union, as well as research and analysis for the expulsion of the Roma from Kosovo since the war of 1999.

Of the international public hardly noticed in 1999 by the former about 150,000 Roma living in Kosovo, two-thirds of Albanian nationalists were expelled from the country in the summer and autumn – often under the eyes of the already stationed in Kosovo NATO troops. The European Roma Rights Center has called the pogroms as the “greatest disaster” for Roma after the Second World War.

Violence, lack of legal certainty, limited freedom of movement by ethnic segregation, poverty and restrictive migration regime of the European Union for many of the citizens of Kosovo burning problem – regardless of their ethnic origin. For the Kosovo Roma, the situation has deteriorated drastically, and especially after the war.

Notwithstanding the continuing difficult situation in Kosovo, the Kosovo government has approved a readmission agreement in April 2010 under pressure from the German government, now also demzufolgen Roma in Kosovo can be deported. The agreement was made against the express warnings of numerous human rights organizations.

Poor living conditions has caused major health problems as the Roma often don’t have proper health insurance or medical care.

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