FREE 80 page report on the Kosova Roma

Who else wants a FREE 80 page report on the Kosova Roma?

Did YOU know that In 1999, more than 100,000 Roma were forced to leave Kosovo and seek refuge in other Balkan countries or in Western Europe?

Their displacement was a human tragedy that failed to get the news coverage and publicity it deserved.

By joining the Decade of Roma Inclusion, the governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia assumed the obligation to work toward improving the situation of their Roma communities.

However many beleieve that many of the basic needs of the Roma from Kosovo that live in these countries are still not being met.

It has been 11 years since their expulsion, writes Roma Initiatives fellow Mensur Haliti.

Many feel that the Roma from Kosovo have little hope for the future. Unable to can escape current poverty conditions and unable to return home. Source

Like to read a transcript of the 80 page report: Blindspot: Kosovo Roma and the Decade?

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