Health Insurance and the Roma in kosovo

Medical Care and Health Insurance Coverage for the Roma in Kosovo

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We take a lot for granted sometimes.

For example perhaps finding affordable medical coverage or home insurance in Atlanta (or where ever we live).

The following quotations from reports show how the Roma in Kosovo have not had access to proper health care and affordable insurance.

Mind you that the health system in Kosova is still in transition as of the time of the news reports quoted here.

“The report states that 86% of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian respondents stated that in the last 12 months were periods in which they did not have access to essential drugs of the Essential Drugs List which was prepared and endorsed by the Ministry as an official document. Therefore, many of the “essential drugs” are not affordable anymore for people with average or below-average income as the vast majority of the Roma are generally poorer than the majority population, these out-of-pocket payments and the payment for “essential drugs” affect this group disproportionately.

“A workshop held with communities’ representatives prior to the development of the strategy identified the following problems: a small number of medical staff from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, insufficient information on preventive healthcare and healthcare education, few campaigns for childhood vaccination. The Ministry of Health with the support of UNICEF and the NPHI has organized additional campaigns for marginalized groups especially for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities (See reports by UNICEF about insufficient medical visits in Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian settlements, low-level participation in healthcare institutions, and general concern over inadequate service by medical staff and lack of awareness among these communities; lack of healthcare education still constitutes a problem, and the difficult access to healthcare services for members of the three communities).

The lack of analysis and data about the situation of the three communities in the healthcare
sector continues to be a problem to accurately identify problems and provide solutions. The
non-functioning of SISH continues to be a major problem for data at the Ministry of Health!”

The Roma are living in Toxic communities that contribute to their health problems.
Picture of medical insurance for the Roma

Some issues, such as health education, child vaccinations and reproductive health still need to be addressed urgently. source

medical insurance for the roma



The introduction of “health mediators” and other community-based approaches would strengthen the interface between formal health institutions and Roma communities, rather than creating parallel health structures and services.

Kosova, Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania face important challenges in improving access to health and medical care  in general – not just for Roma…

But all of their citizens.


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