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Kosova Gypsies Toxic Camps

Are Kosova Gypsies Still living in Toxic camps?

During the 1998-1999 war, as the Serbian Yugoslav Army and NATO-backed Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army were in competition to see who could commit the most atrocities against human life.

The victims were many.

Unfortunately for the kosova Roma or “Gypsies” they recieved the most brutality.

Did YOU know that of the 250,000 people displaced from their homes by the fighting, almost 90,000 were Roma!

That is better than one out of 3!

Even more eye openng is that the region’s total Romani population is only a little more than 100,000. Source

In 1999, some Danish soldiers on patrol in Mitroviza had extremely high levels of lead poisoning.

A UN team in 2000 took blood tests all over Mitrovica.

The verdict?

They found the highest lead levels were in the gypsy camps because they had been built on the site of a former smelter of a mine.

Here is the SCARY part.

Blood samples from the children in these camps had the highest lead levels in medical literature!


Some of the Kosova Gypsies still live there.

Learn about the plight of the Roma Kosova